Are you thinking about getting merchandise printed for your business? Having t-shirts and other printed merch is a great way to advertise your business and for many businesses it is still an absolute necessity. Below, we are taking you through the main benefits of merchandise printing and why your company needs to incorporate it.


One of the best things about having merchandise printing for your business is that they are instantly recognisable. Not only will your own team members be able to recognise each other, but so too will your customers and this imprints your branding and logo into their mind. If you want to ensure that your merchandise is as effective as it possibly can be, then you will need to make sure that your brand message is cohesive and that it can be translated into lots of different mediums.


As we previously mentioned, what’s great about having branded merchandise is that your staff can wear it and they will instantly be able to recognise each other. This is important in terms of the workplace safety aspect as it means there is less likely to be a chance of a stranger coming in and infiltrating the premises. Furthermore, personalised clothing is extremely important at large events, otherwise anyone could infiltrate as a supposed member of staff and cause trouble.

Consistent Promotion

As we previously mentioned, what is fantastic about having your company name or logo on clothing is that it will be promoted everywhere you go! Any time a member of staff wears your branded employee uniform or a customer wears customised merch, they will be promotion the brand and are essentially a walking billboard.

Increase brand Loyalty

Have you ever thought about giving away some of your business merch for free? Printed t-shirts with your company logo or message will promote brand loyalty and, let’s ne honest, everyone loves free goodies! By giving away free things, you are earning the trust and loyalty from a customer.

They Won’t Go Out of Fashion

Personalised and logo t-shirts are in fashion and what is great about them is that they are here to stay! These types of t-shirts don’t tend to ever go out of fashion and for most people they are simply part of their every day wardrobe.

Value for Money

In the big world of advertising and digital marketing, the competition is stiff and because of this it has become extremely expensive for small to medium sized businesses to undertake any time of ads such as televisions, PPC or online banners. However, what is great about t-shirts is that they are great value for money, will last a long time, are cost-effective and are a great form of advertisement!  It’s also quick to implement – there are lots of great fast t shirt printing services that can get you sorted in no time.

Inspire Camaraderie

Finally, what is really great about printing t-shirts for your business and other merch is that this is no ordinary type of uniform and it promotes a feeling of camaraderie within the group and all members of the organisation.

Image: PIxabay.