Your appearance often forms the first impression people will have of you. Every day doesn’t need to be a fashion show. A great look can be put together with minimal effort if you have the know-how. Here are our top tips so you can always put your best foot forward.

Your Body + Your Style

Always start with the clothes you already have. Browse websites like Instagram and Pinterest and identify a fashion aesthetic you like or feel free to build your own. Go through your current wardrobe and see how many of your clothes fit the impression you wish to portray. Remember to give anything you don’t want any more to charity.

Anything you now buy should be purchased with your ideal aesthetic and your other clothes in mind. Only buy things that you know will go with other clothes; even if you are purchasing an entire new outfit.

Research which cuts of clothing will suit your body best. Staple pieces like dresses and jeans need to be bought in a flattering cut as this will instantly elevate you.

A Tailor is Your Best Friend

You need to find a fantastic tailor to work with if you truly want to elevate your style. Sometimes you will buy something that doesn’t fit exactly right. Nothing will throw an outfit off like ill-fitting clothing.

Tailors will try their hardest to alter anything you give them. Knowing the number of a good tail or opens up a whole range of clothes that you never thought you would be able to purchase before. If you are between sizes or you feel like a jacket doesn’t fit right on your shoulders, your tailor can help melt these troubles away.

Find the Perfect Statement Pieces

It’s an old but well-tested and well-loved trick to include one statement piece in your outfit to draw attention there. Making use of this technique gives you a fantastic opportunity to indulge in a passion like shoes, handbags, or jewellery. Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Statement pieces could be a hand-dyed scarf from a craft fair, a handbag from your favourite high street store, or an amazing pair of designer shoes. Whatever your budget is, statement pieces are available.

Online shopping is your friend here just as much as any brand in a shopping centre. You never know when you will find the perfect piece amongst a handcrafted necklace range on a brand’s website. What’s more, online marketplaces like Etsy make it even easier for you to support independent manufacturers with your purchases.

If you are up for a search, you can also investigate your local charity or vintage shops. You can find great gems here which are sure to create an interesting focal point for your outfit. Whether it’s a vintage dress or that rare discounted, designer piece, charity shops are an amazing resource for you to explore.

Elevating your style is simpler than you think! Anybody can do it.

Image: Pixabay