Most of us are yet to realize that Pajamas are not just the boring garments that you put aside in a corner after waking up. Well! There is much more fun in it. There are many facts and figures about this interesting clothing thing that is popular among the people all over the globe. They are present for quite a long time. Although they are widely known as Pajamas there are many places that have different names of it. In this content we will try to cater you the best 5 interesting facts about Pajamas.

Here are some of the interesting facts about Pajamas:

  • History: The history of these garments is amazing. Before they came into the limelight, most of the people in USA wore long shirts to bed. Until 1800 this was the trend, but when the English colonist came up with their light Indian jackets and trousers the trend changed or evolved. This was soon then worn by many people all over the country as they were fancy and very much comfortable to wear at sleep. Then they started to make them a bit thicker so that they last longer.
  • The word “Pajamas”: According to many sources, the word itself came from Persia where the meaning is leg garment. This became very much popular among the people all over the globe.
  • The famous 9.11 pm: According to a research, the average time that a British slip into their Pajamas is 9.11 pm.
  • Work on Pajamas: Well! This has been revolutionary attire for many, but there are many people who suggest this one for workplace or might be they referred to the ones working from home. According to a survey majority of people working from home wears Pajamas at work. The important thing here is that these are garments meant to be comfortable and that is why people love these.
  • The popularity of Pajamas: Although we assume that Pajamas are very much popular among the people all over the globe, but in fact 25% of the countries do not have them. The online shopping has been a boon to human lives by adding latest attires in their wardrobe and has been taking these garments to places. There are several countries where the concept of Pajamas is really very new and these countries still know about these wonderful attires.

These are some of the interesting facts about Pajamas.