Getting engaged is one of the most memorable times of your life. You may have it all planned out complete with getting down on one knee and asking your significant other to be your spouse. The moment has to be perfect and that means having the perfect engagement ring. If you’re like most, however, you’ve never shopped for one of these rings before and, if all goes well, you never will again. That means you get one shot at buying the perfect engagement ring so you need to know exactly what you’re looking for.

You’re Not Buying the Ring You See

In most instances, when you’re shopping for rings at a jewellery store, you’re not actually buying the ring you see on display. That’s because these rings are only samples that demonstrate certain stone and setting combinations. While you can simply go with one of these options, you also have many different choices you can make. This means you’ll want to decide on the stone, the setting, and a few other things. If you see a stone you love in a setting that you don’t really like, talk to the jeweller about it. Chances are that you can have that stone put in a different setting.

The Shape Is the Key Factor

While looking for stones of a specific carat, colour, clarity, or cut is important, many people are most concerned with the shape of the stones. Do you want to go with a square, a perfect circle, an oval, or something unique such as a heart? The shape is going to be the first thing someone notices and you want it to be perfect. If you’re shopping for engagement rings in Houston, you’ll have many different shapes to choose from. You might want to slyly ask your significant other a few questions so you have some idea which shape to choose.


Setting Is Important, Too

While the shape of the stone may be the most important factor, the setting also has to be right. The setting can change the entire look and feel of a ring. A small diamond in a plain setting is traditional for an engagement ring, but what if you take that small round diamond and put it in a different type of setting, such as a bezel setting? It suddenly looks much more modern. Your jeweller can help you determine how different stones will look in different settings by showing you various sample rings.

Think About the Metal

Finally, there’s the band. Many people assume they have to choose between gold and silver but there are many different metals you can pick from. There’s yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium, just to name some of the most common options.

Take Your Time

As you can see, you have many different options listed here and there’s even more you have to consider. For example, do you go with the traditional diamond or do you want to get a different stone? What size of a stone do you want? Most experts say to take your time and make sure the ring is right before you buy it.