Heading to an outing with a baby always means packing a diaper bag. For cloth diapering parents, there are usually a few different items to pack for the trip, whether it’s a few hours or several. These are some of the must-have items to bring along to make sure the baby is comfortable and can be changed as needed.

Fresh Diapers
Clean diapers are a necessity for any child age newborn through toddler. Cloth diapers are changed in much the same way as disposable ones. Parents should pack a few clean cloth diapers in the bag in case of emergency, and when a long outing is planned.

Reusable Container
A reusable bag that is waterproof on the inside and on the outside is the best bet for stowing away soiled cloth diapers and reusable accessories. Be sure to use one that has a seal on it to prevent odors and other things from escaping. If a reusable bag is not available, a plastic container or plastic bag with a tight seal is an option for outings.

Using baby powder is an old-fashioned method of keeping the baby dry and smelling good in between changes. While today’s cloth diapers and diaper liners often provide moisture wicking, a shot of baby powder is always soothing.

Clean wipes are a necessity to changing diapers. The disposable types can be flushed down the toilet or tucked away in a trash bag. Cloth wipes can be tossed in container for laundering later.

Diaper Liner
When using pocket diapers, liners help to reduce the wear on the outer diaper shell. There are two types of diaper liners – disposable and non-disposable. Several manufacturers make biodegradable, flushable liners which are easy to use for outings. Cloth liners can be emptied and then tossed in the soiled container, to be taken care of later at home.

Diaper Cover
Diaper covers are used in cloth diapering to protect both baby’s clothes and any surfaces their bottoms may come in contact with while wet. Not only are they stylish and fashionable, but they provide added protection for heavy wetters and mobile toddlers wearing cloth diapers.

Clean Outfit
Where there are babies, there are accidents. Always bring along a clean outfit, just in case there is a spit-up, diaper leak or a spill.

A spare pack of tissues or paper towels always comes in handy. Whether there is a runny nose, a tearful episode or a small mess to clean up, tissues or towels come in handy.

Although diaper rash is less common with cloth diapering, many parents keep a spare tube of diaper rash ointment in the bag just in case it’s needed. This helps to sooth baby’s irritated skin and prevent further problems.

Changing Pad
Changing cloth diapers on the go is much like changing them at home. There needs to be a flat, sturdy surface that’s clean, dry and out of the way. Bring along a portable changing pad or extra blanket to create the clean and dry surface.