Any bride is going to want to get some gifts to say thank you to her beautiful bridesmaids for joining her on her special day. There are many different things out there that you could choose from. Here are some classic examples and a few things which are a little more unusual.


The classic bridesmaid’s gift is a stunning piece of jewellery which she can treasure forever. Simple pieces like Claudia Bradby earrings  look stylish and sophisticated and can also be worn to the wedding itself.

There are plenty of other options if your bridesmaids do not have pierced ears. You could find them all a pretty necklace, that can again be worn on their wedding day, or a lovely bracelet perhaps engraved with their initial so they will always think of you when they look at it.


A robe is a great gift for any member of the bridal party. It allows everyone to bond and feel like a team while they are getting ready for the wedding ceremony. There are many different options out there to suit anyone’s tastes and can either be customised to include the bridesmaid’s name across the back.


Not only is this a great chance to ensure that your bridesmaids look uniform from their heads to their feet, it is also a fantastic opportunity to be a little more unusual. If you are having an outdoor wedding in the spring and you do not trust the weather, get your bridesmaids some fun, brightly coloured welly boots to pop under their dresses. If your wedding is in a colder climate, consider something like a fur-lined boot to keep their toes nice and snug. There are many footwear opportunities for a creative bride to find a fun shoe that all her bridesmaids will love.

A Polaroid Camera

Giving your bridesmaids polaroid cameras allows them the chance to snap some instant candids and group shots throughout the day. These photos can then be collected and made into photo albums or gathered together into a frame and re-gifted to help people remember what a fun day it was. The cameras may not be the cheapest but it is a wonderfully unique way of capturing some hidden moments of the wedding at different angles and from different perspectives.

Personalised Bottles

This option works for any of your bridesmaid’s favourite tipples, be that champagne, wine, gin, or anything else. You can get the labels inscribed with a loving message or a special memory that you and the bridesmaid share and then pop the bottle in the bag with some glasses. Whether you enjoy the drink with your bridesmaid on the morning of your wedding or whether she keeps it for a later date, you know that she is going to enjoy it.

These are just some of the amazing gifts you can buy for your bridesmaids. Think about what they would most like and build a present around them. You have chosen them to support you on your wedding day and you want to find them something unique and tasteful to show them how grateful you are.

Image: Pixabay