Kurtis is one of the popular Indian dresses for women, it is a loose fitting, long shirt kind of, which reaches till the knees or even below knees. It offers both comfort and style to you. Traditionally kurtis are paired with long pants and leggings, but wearing kurti with jeans is becoming a popular trend among girls of different ages. Be it a 20 years old girl or 35 year old woman, they love this combination, as it is stylish,offering a mixture of traditional Indian look with a western sense, and at the same time are easy to wear without much time in managing like with sarees and dupatta.

There are many styles you can try with kurtis and jeans, and if you are thinking of wearing it the next time then here are some tips:

  • Short kurtis with jeans:

It makes you feel like you are wearing a top along with your jeans, but this combination provides you a better look as it is a mixture of both Indian and western design. Along with this combination some accessories, not much, though, is the right way to have a fantastic look.

  • Long shirt type kurti with jeans:

It is one of the most popular trends among the North Indian girls. These types of kurtis are a bit different in design from the regular ones. They are usually shorter from the front and bit longer from the back.  When paired with your favorite jeans it can make you look great. This combination is easy to handle, takes no time in wearing and at the same time offers you a great look.

  • Long straight kurti along with jeans:

It offers you a traditional look and gives you a more mature look. One can use a dupatta along with it to make a great combination.

  • Slit kuris with jeans:

This is a new fashion trend going on among Indian girls as it is stylish giving you a fabulous look and is easy to manage. You can carry it all day around without any discomfort.

  • Shirt style round bottom kurti:

It is best suited to working women, and gives you a great look without much effort. This type of kurti is more like a shirt with full or half buttons which fits in perfectly. It provides an attractive look to you and at the same time is comfortable to wear and manage like any other kurti.

  • A symmetrical kurti style with jeans:

The lower end of this type of Kurtis is designed asymmetrically. It may be low on one end and short on the other. One popular design is keeping it short in the middle and a bit longer from the sides. It gives a bold look when paired with jeans. It is more popular among young girls who like to dress a bit more stylish and like to wear some accessories along with it.

So next time you do kurtis online shopping don’t forget to buy your jeans and have a great fashionable combination in your hand.