Even though it is women who wear it, lingerie is really a gift for the buyer. While many women like to buy it for themselves so they feel more confident and sexy, men will often buy it for their wives or girlfriends. If you are going to purchase lingerie for your girlfriend or wife, here are five tips to help you.

Buy the Correct Size

The most common error men make when buying lingerie is getting the wrong size. They may overestimate her size on top and buy bottoms which are too small. To prevent buying the wrong sizes, sneak a peek at her underwear to check the sizes of her bras and panties. If you want to buy a two-piece set, look for bras and bottoms which are sold separately so you can buy the right sizes, and get help from fitting guides like blossom-lingerie.com.

Shop Online

If you are hesitant about shopping in a lingerie store or feel like you would be too embarrassed to talk to a salesclerk, shop online. You will have complete privacy to search for exactly what you want to buy your favourite woman. If you don’t want her looking over your shoulder and ruining the surprise, you can shop on your mobile device at any time, night or day. However, if getting her input is okay, you can shop for lingerie together.

Err on the Conservative Side

If buying lingerie for her is a new experience for both of you and you are not sure what she will like, buy something more modest. She may not feel comfortable wearing something too risqué, so instead of something see-through, pick out something frilly and more modest. Lingerie comes in a variety of colours, so select her favourite one or choose something which complements her skin tone.

Ask for Approval

If this is the first time you are purchasing lingerie for a girlfriend, ask if she would feel comfortable wearing it. If she is a little hesitant, she may not feel comfortable wearing something too revealing. There are many lingerie choices that are still sexy without making her too uncomfortable to wear them. Consider going online to look at lingerie together to find a style that she likes.

Start Small

You don’t need to jump right to dominatrix leathers or a see-through lace outfit the first time you buy sexy clothing for her. Instead of a lingerie set, buy a sexy lace bra or a pair of crotchless panties. Think subtler and more conservative for the first purchase, because you can always grow bolder if she happens to like the first gift.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to buy lingerie; use it as a “just because” gift. Also, avoid giving her sexy lingerie for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas as those gifts should be about celebrating her and not fulfilling your fantasies. If you follow these tips, you should be able to buy her a nice lingerie set that she will enjoy wearing as much as you will enjoy seeing it on her.