Pulling off a surprise visit from a family member in the armed services can be one of the most heart-warming things to witness.  It’s no wonder so many go viral.  The evening news is full of tear-jerking stories of little girls or boys being surprised by the sudden appearance of a beloved parent at a high school game, honors program or graduation ceremony and it never gets old.

If you’re searching for a way to add the surprise of a lifetime to an otherwise ordinary event, you should search Groupon now for Motel 6.  Not only do they offer quality lodging at very affordable prices, you can now use a Groupon code to get an even better deal.

With Mother’s Day just days away, and graduation ceremonies coming up soon after,  line up your co-conspirators now and plan your big reveal.  It’s easy to incorporate more people than ever before with social media in the mix, and you can plan your surprise weeks or days in advance with the ease and flexibility of Motel 6.  They offer so many ways to accommodate you.  They offer discounts for seniors, military personnel and they have lots of extended stay properties including many that are pet friendly.

Their extended stay studios feature fully equipped kitchens and a comfortable sleeping area where you can refresh yourself in peace.  You’ll have the use of a stovetop, coffee maker, toaster and refrigerator, large work area, expanded cable channels on your television as well as laundry, voicemail and WiFi.   If you’re a senior aged 60 and older, your dollars will go further at Motel 6.  You automatically qualify for a 10% discount at any of the 1,300 locations nationwide.

You can save more money by bringing your furry friend along.  No need to board them with strangers, or worry about the condition of your furniture and keepsakes while you’re away.  As long as they behave and are allowed by law, they are welcome.  You can save as much as 5% off your stay, and military families can save even more.  And using the Groupon discount is really easy.  You can book your stay from your phone with a call or click.

So go ahead and plan the surprise of a lifetime.  Who knows, you just might make the evening news.